5 Top Ideas to get the Best Operators

To get the best production from the vessel you need to have the best operators. Below I share with you 5 top ideas to get the best operators, without having to hire them from the start.

Hire to win

A basic skill set is required, but motivation and the willingness to cooperate are very important when hiring to win.

Skills can be developed. But motivation and cooperation are much more difficult to develop in a person. By basic skills I mean the minimum skills needed to work in your organization. If you have an international team this probably means speaking English, preferably writing it as well.

Some technical background is preferable, but not a necessity. Experience is great, but only if the person is also motivated and cooperating in a team.

Train them

Keep educating more so the operators can do more production, are prepared for uncommon situations and stay motivated.

Getting top production requires detailed knowledge specific to the situation the operator is in. many operators don’t have that from the beginning. By training them you can have them learn to get good production more quickly. If you also train them on uncommon situation you make them better prepared for any future projects.

Training also shows the employer is serious about the end result and is willing to invest in the operators, which helps to keep them motivated.

Supervise correctly

Objective and results-based supervision works best to get the best results. Try to meet them in person regularly as well.

By having objective results agreed in advance you let the operators know what is important. By reviewing the results for these objectives regularly you reinforce the importance of the objectives. Leave the method to achieve the result to them. Tell them what to do, not how to do it. But make sure they know they can always ask for input and help, either form you or other people in the organization.

In short, they themselves are responsible for the result.

Give proper incentives

Motivation can be increased or, at least, maintained with proper incentives. The incentive can be monetary or in kind. The target to receive the incentive for should be objective, measurable and team based.

By making it team based you ensure that operators are not going to compete against each other. If, for example, production would be an individual target it could lead to the postponing of maintenance, so that another operator needs to deal with it.

The target should obviously be in the best interest of the company, even when taken to the extreme.

Listen to them

Motivating the operators can also be achieved by listening to them and really doing something with what they said. This can easily lead to great long-term improvements.

Especially experienced operators , but even new ones, can have great idea to increase the production on the vessel, on this project, but perhaps even for all future projects. If you don’t listen the operator will loose interest and after a while he simple doesn’t care about the company any more. Prevent that, get good ideas, listen.

These are just some of the ideas to get great operators, but there are many more. Please share how you think a company could get the best operators in the below comment box.


To your long term great results,
Timon Vinke

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