7 top tips to select the best equipment

Selecting the best equipment for a project is crucial in becoming the lowest bidder. Whether you buy a new dredger or need to select the best dredger from your fleet, with below tips your selection will be improved.


Tip 1: Think about future projects

Don’t expect to earn back the dredger on this one project. If you can, great!, but normally that would mean you are too expensive. The lifetime of a dredger is years and it would be a shame if you bought a dredger for this one project and then can’t use it on other projects. Think about what kind of projects you expect in the future as well, so that you can incorporate that in your decision of what dredger to buy now.


Tip 2: Consider the tender requirements

Tenders of a dredging project can and often do demand certain parameters of the equipment used in the bidding. You must match or exceed those demands, otherwise you won’t get the project. As these demands need to be fulfilled by the dredger that you select for this project, use them as a minimum requirement.


Tip 3: Consider the operational requirements

Operational requirements are matters as currents, weather conditions, discharge location, type of project and so on. These requirements will quickly indicate what type of dredger you require, a CSD, TSHD or something else. It also assists in determining the amount and type of support equipment you need. The length of pipeline, do you perhaps need a booster station? What are the drafts available for the vessel? And so on.


Tip 4: Calculate the production needed

Tenders typically indicated the amount of time available for the project. Use this to determine what would be the minimum weekly production required to complete the project on time.

This minimum production can dictate the size or number of the dredgers you need, sometimes even more so than the tender and operational requirements.


Tip 5: Analyse the soil data

Some soil types can be better dredged by a CSD and other types can be dredge by any dredger. Apart from the soil type the soil parameters will impact the production you can achieve with the selected equipment.


Tip 6: Match dredgers you already own

If you already own dredgers it makes sense to try and match them. Your personnel will be familiar with the vessel more quickly and it will allow the sharing of spares and support equipment. The unit rate is leading in the equipment selection, but if you have options than match the dredgers you have most closely.


Tip 7: Focus on unit rate

To win a project you will need to be the lowest bidder. This means the lowest cost for this project. Focus on the cost per cubic meter.
This might well mean a larger, more expensive dredger than strictly required. If it can finish the project cheaper, it is the better solution. It can also mean additional auxiliary equipment to support the dredger better.

Don’t look only at the cost of the equipment, look at the combination of cost and production, the unit rate.


Selection of equipment is not an easy matter, but with the above tips you can surely improve your choice.

In case you are still in doubt Strategic Dredging can assist you in the complete selection of the equipment, either to buy new or to select the best vessel from your fleet. Subsequently we can estimate the production for the selected equipment, so you know what to expect in execution. Interested? Click here to contact us.

These tips are only the start of the best equipment selection. Please share the tips you have for selecting the best equipment for a project in below comment box.


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All the best in selecting the best equipment with the above tips and all your other endeavors.

To your long term great results,
Timon Vinke

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