About Us

My name is Timon Vinke, Author and founder and Lead Consultant of Strategic Dredging.

Timon Vinke, Author and Lead Consultant of Strategic Dredging

After more than a decade in the dredging industry I learned a thing or two about dredging itself, but also about dredging companies.

I learned that all dredging companies have three major pillars: the equipment, the projects and the headoffice. The performance in these three areas is what determines the performance of the whole company. If one is weak, then the whole company is weak.

The people I can help
However it is not so much the three pillars that determine performance, but the people working in those areas.
There are a lot of companies that can help with your spare parts, or with technical questions about dredging, but what about helping you to get the best out of your people?
And that is why I founded Strategic Dredging. It is all about helping people to get long term great results. And if the people are getting great results, then so is the company they work for.

If you are an operator, I am here to help you get more out of your dredger.
If you are a project manager, I am here to help you get on top of the project and complete it within budget and on-time.
If you are a technical manager, I am here to help you make the best decisions for maintenance and modifications.
If you are a production or cost calculator, I am here to help you make the best estimates possible.
If you are a Director of dredging operations, I am here to help you monitor the progress of all projects, managing your people and getting the best results.

In short I help all people working in Dredging Contractors to be better at their job and to get long term great results.

My motivation to help you
I have seen quite some inefficiencies at dredging companies. A huge amount of potential being unused. People struggling with problems that could have been prevented. Money lost. Energy wasted. People that love dredging, but are unable to make their vessel, project or company profitable.

Crew that love dredging fighting with project staff that love dredging, fighting with office staff that love dredging. All the time wasting energy and time that could have been put to use to create great results. Usually this is because of a lack of understanding of each other’s point of views, while in the end all want the same. All want to get the job done.

I felt frustrated when I saw people struggling with problems for which I had a solution and although I could help the people then and there, I knew there were plenty of other companies and people struggling with the same problems. So I decided to launch Strategic Dredging and make the knowledge and solutions widely available.

In addition I often found a lack of a long term strategy among the dredging companies which I visited. When working with equipment that can operate for decades, this is crucial. In fact I find it so important, it’s even part of my companies name.

I believe that every person in dredging should be working with joy and fulfillment.
I believe that every dredger should be operating at peak performance.
I believe that every project should be finished with the best result possible.
I believe that the head office should be a power house supporting worldwide dredging activities, if so required.
I believe that the approach should be strategic and for the long term, as well as the short term.
And I believe that I can help you in doing that.

My experience
I have more than 10 years of experience in various positions in the dredging industry.

After graduating on the topic of a sweeping ladder of a CSD, I attained a degree in Civil Engineering, specializing in Dredging and Port Construction. Subsequently, I joined a Dutch leading international dredging contractor as a Production Engineer. This allowed me to focus primarily on the dredging processes of TSHDs and CSDs. Production optimization visits allowed me to quickly gain great insight into the dredging process on various vessels and various projects all over the world.

Several years later, I joined a world-leading Dredge Equipment manufacturer as Trainer and Consultant for the company’s clients. This allowed me to interact with various dredging companies all around the world, gaining valuable experience in all kinds of dredging projects and operations.

My experience and dedication resulted in a promotion to General Manager of an international branch office of the same company at the age of 29. During that time I continued advising and working with several dredging companies.

In 2017, I founded Strategic Dredging.

All this experience gives me a wide perspective on the complete Dredging Industry, from how projects are tendered to the manufacturing of spare parts. Strategic Dredging is the knowledge company that has this wide perspective.
I know how difficult it is to get all the people aligned for the same common goal. I know how difficult it is to make people open to receiving feedback and adjust their working methods. But my experience has taught me how to do that, how to help people change their attitude, actions and their behavior in their work.

It is my goal to reach 10,000 people in the Dredging Industry and help them to get the best out of themselves and their company. In short, to get Long-Term Great results.

To your success,
Timon Vinke