CSD production limit

Why can’t I do more production?

On a CSD continuous dredging takes place. The dredging process has four sub-processes, which are separate but still intertwined.

You need to understand these sub-processes before you can achieve maximum production.

The four sub-processes are:

  • Gathering
  • Cutting
  • Suction
  • Discharge

They have a logical order following the mixture.
Gathering is collecting the soil.
Cutting is breaking the soil and mixing it with water.
Suction is lifting the material from the seabed and bringing it to the pump.
Discharge is bringing the mixture from the pump to the reclamation area or end of the pipe.

These processes can be viewed as separate and each has its maximum achievable production determined by the soil and your equipment. The process with the lowest production of the four is called the limiting process. It is this process that limits your CSD’s production.

If you want to increase the production you need to focus on the process that is limiting your CSD.


I developed the DICE system that will help you to systematically get the optimum production, always. It stands for:

  • Determine
  • Implement
  • Calculate
  • Enforce

Determine means you determine the limiting process and the optimum solution to increase it.
Implement means making the change in a controlled manner.
Calculate means calculating and measuring the result.
Enforce means you make sure the positive changes remain in place and people change their way of working.

This process needs to be followed a number of times, called cycles. Each cycle will either increase the production or show you the way how to increase the production.

You continue doing these cycles, until you reached the maximum production.

Equipment capacity

Equipment for the limiting process should be at maximum use. How high the production level is, is determined by the CSD design.

Each sub-process has associated equipment. For cutting it is the cutter power or pressure. The cutting process has reached the max when the power is max. But just as important, this max power needs to be used effectively!

For doing that you need to understand each sub-process and their related equipment.

If you want to learn more about optimizing the production and the CSD dredging process, have a look at our CSD Production Intensive training.

How could the DICE process for achieving maximum production help your company?
Let us know in below comment section.


To your long term great results,
Timon Vinke

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