Cutting Edge Pre-Sale Dredging Today offer

Cutter dredgers are expensive to buy and operate. So they need to achieve the maximum production possible. But the knowledge of how to get the maximum production is very difficult to get.

That is, until now. With my new book “Cutting Edge: How to systematically increase CSD production” you get all the knowledge you need to maximize your cutter dredger’s production.

My name is Timon Vinke. I’m the author of Cutting Edge and the lead consultant of Strategic Dredging.

Timon Vinke: Author and lead engineer of Strategic Dredging

I have more than ten years of experience in the dredging industry. During that time I have traveled around the world to all kinds of dredging projects and have increased the production of the equipment on many occasions. I have condensed all the lessons and experiences in this book.



When you apply what is in the book you will get:

  • The DICE production optimization system. A step-by-step system to increase the production that is easy to apply and just works.
  • Higher productions, for every size of cutter dredger and as many as you want.  The system can be applied again and again and again.
  • More profit on all dredging projects. The DICE system allows for the different requirements on different projects.

Who is it for?

If you have some experience in the dredging industry and you want to get the best production out of your CSD, then this book is for you.


This is a pre-sale, meaning the book will not ship immediately. The book will be shipped early May. You will be notified the moment it ships.

The webinar that comes together with the book is about one hour long and covers the most important lessons from the book in depth. It will be hosted half May. You will get invited some time in advance so you can schedule it.

If you can’t attend, don’t worry. A recording will be made available. But you will miss out on the opportunity to ask me any questions.


A small dredger already costs tens of thousands of euros per month to own and operate. When you apply the lessons from the book a production increase of 10% or more is possible.

Suppose a small dredger that now realizes EUR 20.000,- turnover per month.

With a 10% production increase that’s EUR 2.000,- extra turnover per month. This is pure profit as the costs stay the same.

For large CSDs that cost EUR 400.000,- per month and upward the gain would be phenomenal. All from applying the lessons from the book and the webinar.

So currently you are leaving more than EUR 2.000,- per month on the table, possibly much more.

The retail price of the book is EUR 39,95. This does not include shipping. A webinar with the kind of in depth knowledge that this one provides has a sales price of a minimum of EUR 49,95.

Special deal

However, for you as a Dredging Today reader we have an exclusive pre-order deal.

This is a limited time offer. You need to act quickly, because this offer won’t stay around for long. When the book goes into regular sales, this offer disappears.

You can buy both the book and the webinar and you will only pay for the book. And I also throw in free worldwide shipping, meaning no matter where you are you only pay the 39,95.

That is more than 50% discount, but only if you act now. Click the Buy Now button below to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to see you at the webinar.

To your success,
Timon Vinke