How to educate crew and staff with E-learning

How to educate crew and staff with E-learning

In many dredging companies there is a desire to educate the crew and project staff in depth on dredge related topics. Training these people result in higher productions and better maintenance, in short in higher profits for the company.

But I hear a lot of practical issues with training such as:

  • The training is not in our country. It is costly to send people abroad
  • We need our people to work, we can’t afford to send them to a week of training
  • They train for a week, but start to forget what they have learned a couple of weeks later

I am aware of these problems and have a solution to many of these problems: E-learning. Taking training over the internet.

Below are the major benefits of this type of training.

1. Accessible from everywhere, no travel required

When designed right E-learning can be accessed from any computer, laptop, tablet or even smartphone, anywhere on the planet.

Since the training is accessed through the internet you can train as long as you have an internet connection.

2. Train during the workweek

With E-learning you don’t have to train for a week at a time, you can train in bits and pieces. This allows the time spend on training to be spread out over a longer period.

So the employees can continue their regular work, minus for example one hour a week set aside for E-learning.

It also makes sure the training is not costing them their leave, which makes the employees more positive about the training.

3. Repetition

E-learning can be repeated as often as people want. Repetition makes people remember things better, we call that the retention.

The more a topic is repeated the better it stays in the memory of the students. And the better they remember what they learned, the better they can apply it.

4. Relevance

When designed right an E-learning course allows the student to quickly search for the information they need now, on the vessel, project and circumstances they experience now.

This makes the information very relevant, which enables the students to apply what they have learned right away.

This not only means quicker training results, but also reinforces the retention of the information even more.

5. Cost of training

A special training designed for your company and people is very costly. But with E-learning the development cost is spread over more people, making the cost per student lower than traditional classroom training, especially when you factor in travel time and cost.


There are many more reasons why E-learning is a great way to train people, especially in the dredging industry.

For that reason, we have launched Strategic Dredging Academy.






At the moment we have a Demo Course online, which you can access here: Demo

If you want to have the full experience of this course you can register for free here: Register

If you have questions or want to know more about Strategic Dredging Academy you can contact us here: Contact

What is your experience with E-learning? Let us know in the below comment section.

To your success,
Timon Vinke

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