Launch of Strategic Dredging site

The Strategic Dredging website launched on Monday 24th November 2014 for the people working in the dredging industry with a free E-Book and Knowledge Updates.

The site is aimed at people working in the dredging industry, ranging from operators to Directors of Dredging, that want to increase their knowledge of their field. Our mission is:

“To give 10.000 people the knowledge and tools to perform at his highest level.”

An ambitious goal, but we believe that with your help we can achieve it!

Our slogan is Long Term Great Results. We are not looking at quick fixes, but are focused on creating results that last for a long time. We do this by publishing free reports and a free Bi-Weekly Knowledge Update that are aimed at increasing ones knowledge of the dredging process and industry.

Our first free publication “5 Ways to Increase CSD Production” can be found here.

Please help us in achieving our goal by answering the question “What topics do you want to know more of?” in below comment bock.

In the future you will find more Knowledge Updates in this section.

To your great results,
Strategic Dredging

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