Photo contest rules

Great news that you are going to participate in our monthly Photo Contest.

These are the rules that apply when you send in your photos to participate:

  1. Photos must be send to
  2. You need to provide your full name when you send the photo
  3. The photo must be about the topic that was announced for that month
  4. No people should be on the photo, unless it is relevant to the topic
  5. The minimum resolution of the photo has to be 2800 x 1980 pixels (6 MP)
  6. You have to be the maker of the photo and have all the publication rights for the photo
  7. Strategic Dredging is allowed to use the photo send in any way it sees fit

What happens next?

  1. From the photos submitted Strategic Dredging will select the 10 best ones
  2. These will be posted on our Facebook page
  3. Everyone can vote for the photo they think is best by liking it on Facebook
  4. After 2 weeks of voting a winner will be declared on Facebook
  5. If you have won you need to contact us, as per the regulations of Facebook


Thank you for participating.

Kind regards,
Timon Vinke

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